We Missed You, Dan! (BAL)

The tribe latches on to broken verbal opportunities faster than Nick latches in to his throne at the spin studio. Here are Louie’s thoughts on why our man Dan Collier missed Wednesday’s workout:

We missed you, Dan! Everyone knows how much you love NP. You’re a regular on Wednesdays – you work out, you pose with the back row, and you go to Light St Cafe. You make it to Fridays when you can. And you join in for the extracurriculars like the 100-10, Libations Club, and Food Club to name a few. It’s unlike you to miss a Wednesday workout, especially when you verbal the night before. While I’m not sure exactly what led to you missing the workout I have to assume it was something fairly spectacular. Or maybe a series of spectacular events. I’ve put together a timeline journal of what I suspect must have happened to cause you to break your verbal:

8:15pm – Volleyball ends with some conversation with Liz and Louie.

8:55pm – After walking to our cars I talk to Louie for a minute.
Louie: I gotta hit the road, 4:45 comes early.
Dan: I’m not going to double, but I want to get a run in before the 6:30 NP.
Louie: Alright, bro. I’ll see you at 6:30
Dan: See you there.

9:30pm – I arrive home and begin my third workout of the day. This time it’s chest and triceps. Halfway through my 245 lb set I hear a whimpering in my backyard. I wander out back and notice a dog curled up on my deck. He looks hurt. He’s very friendly, so I bring him in and realize he needs a vet. I call the local vet and she agrees to meet me at her office.
10:10pm – The vet looks over the dog and realizes it’s been attacked by another animal. She tells me he needs rabies shots and antibiotics or he’ll die. I can’t let that happen, so I agree to cover all the costs. Once he’s better I’ll foster him until I can find him a forever home.
11:25pm – Just before arriving home I see a car in a ditch. I stop and notice an elderly man in the driver seat. I call 911 and help him out of the car. He’s shaken, but okay. He hands me a bag with prescription medication in it and says he needs to get them to his wife asap. The address is on the bag and of course I hustle right over. Turns out the wife was having an allergic reaction and was out of her pills. I may have saved her life.

12:50am – I’m finally back home. I’m in bed about to fall asleep when my phone rings. It’s the director of the homeless shelter who I’ve been helping with some programming, web, and IT work for their upcoming annual fundraiser. He tells me that their computers have crashed and he doesn’t know what to do. I tell him I’ll be right there.

1:40am – The homeless shelter needs a lot of help. This could take a while. Good thing I keep a cold six pack of Mountain dew in my trunk.

3:30am – Well that was fun. Everything is back up and running and the shelter’s fundraiser is back on track. A job well done. Now to go home and get an hour or two of sleep.

4:05am – I pull into my driveway and see my neighbor is having trouble starting his car. He works construction and always works early hours. We try to jump his car to no avail. He told me he absolutely has to be on work on time or he’ll be fired. Seems he’s been late a few times lately. So I do the only thing I can do and drive him to his site. Unfortunately he works down near Annapolis, so this is going to take a while.

5:15am – I’ve just dropped my neighbor off when my mom calls. She’s not feeling well and my dad needs help on the farm. How can I say no? Time to head to the Eastern Shore.

7:45am – Crap, I’ve missed NP! Oh well, when family calls you have to answer. Maybe I’ll make it up to Louie for breaking my verbal by buying him breakfast at Light St Cafe next week. Yeah, that’s a great idea!

We missed you, Dan!

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