We Missed you Chloe! (YEG)

Let’s get something out of the way. We take verbals seriously. Verbals come in many forms. They can be made on our new tracker, in person, or in this case, over text.

Dear Chloe,

Where in the world were you this morning? I find it weird that you would tell one of your dear friends yesterday that you had something to give them and that you’d bring it to NP this morning. That’s like saying “I got a really good story to tell you… but I can’t tell you what it is”. For the record, that dear friend of yours got very little sleep as she was up all night trying to figure out what you had for her.

I’ve been trying to figure out what you possibly could have been doing this morning. I know you’re not one to stay under the a warm blanket so we know you weren’t in your bed. After all, it was probably warmer and just as dark outside this morning. You probably also didn’t get a spinning hug from anyone this morning.

I created a list of possible things you were doing. I’m fairly certain that it was one of these:


You were making out with giraffes, and nothing is more important than making out with giraffes.( I will forgive you if this is what you were doing, but the post must stay up.)



You were eaten by a very real shark head.



You were creating another epic high-flying photo.



You tried to go snowboarding but put on the wrong glasses.



And when you got there, you realized there was no snow,  only sand.



You found a pot of gold.



Whichever one of these things you were doing, we want you to know that we missed you this morning, Chloe.


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