We Missed You, Brian (Insert Mispronounced Last Name Here)

Leader of the 6:00 am crew.  Wait, we don’t even meet at 6am, what in the world are you talking about? Well welcome to the world of Brian Hsa.  Brian had the whole world counting on him this morning.  There were food promises, which are legal binding like a marriage.











Then this morning came.  Yes, it was humid.  Yes it foggy.  Yes, you had excuses. But everyone else showed up.  Nina went on a cleanse last night waiting for her cupcakes.  CUPCAKES BRIAN, LEGALLY BINDING CUPCAKES.  And you were no where to be found.  No Brian Shia smiling the entire time, making today’s workout seem fun.  Emily was BUFFED out and ready for her partner in crime to go “Full Survivor” with you.  Nope, no Brian Hias.  When everyone left after forming two new lakes, one in each shoe, after the workout you didn’t pop over on your shinny yellow bike and purple helmet to laugh and say, “OOOPPS!” No.

Pete didn’t have his running buddy today.  So instead of calling 311, he posted on NYRR hoping the coaches could find him.  Thank the lord they knew where he was:


Well, it looks like Brian gave a #VERBAL for Friday and let’s all hope he holds to it.  Because Brian Hsia, We missed you.

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