We Missed You, Brent (YEG)

This may be the first one we’ve done in 2018. But we managed to get a broken verbal. This one almost got away from us, but we are getting it done just in time. Today’s writeup comes from our good Aidan, or, Oatmeal, as I always remember him by (feel free to ask him about the nickname).

Brent is always leading people up the hill and looking so good doing it. If he is not doing that he is making sure the NP babies are ok. He has also been known to throw out some kisses mid workout to inspire everyone to work harder and love harder. But on Friday Brent wasn’t there. 

Perhaps Brent caught Salmonella poisoning, or maybe him and Andrew were doing another photo shoot together.  

Or maybe he just forgot it was Friday, either way we missed you Brent.

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