We missed you Ash

One of our tribe members has been skating on thin ice lately, after getting into the habit of making video records of her verbals. Ash Williams verballed for Friday’s session in North China Hill, but come 6.30am, there was no sign of Ash. We got our girl, Missy Mills/Noodle C Ridiculousness, to sum up the tribes feelings about Ash’s missed verbal…

Ash, guess what? We missed you at Friday Hills.  We missed your hugs, and your smile.


We missed other people too, but they didn’t look me in the eyes with burning excitement saying “I WILL GET OUT OF BED. AND I. WILL. BE THERE.” There were witnesses … there was an almost video … we were all expecting you … and you know what? You were no where to be found.You knew that going out on a Thursday night might result in #hungoverhillsforbreakfast but you were also aware that since your tribe was with you on Thursday night, they would be right there at your side on Friday morning.

Was this a little too much for you to handle on a school night?


Let me tell you a story of who DID show up.  I did.  I woke up with my alarm singing in my ear wishing I would have just a little longer to sleep and said to myself “Ash video verbaled. Ash will be there. I must get up.” and so I did.  You know who else showed up? Rebecca Daniels: star of the Thursday night karaoke spectacular.  I am sure Rebecca would have LOVED the extra sleep on Friday morning … but you know what she is a woman of her word #averbalisaverbal.  Weston was there – he couldn’t even find his shirt from the night before … and now that I think about it I am not sure he changed his clothes, but he was there.  Even Kylie who is a current member of the #recoverygang showed up.  She was ready to take your picture and do some kegal squats with you to assure you earn your weekend, and start your Friday off the right way.  Instead of looking awkwardly into each others eyes while you feel that deep burn in the glutes Kylie was alone … looking into the empty eyes of Karl the Fog.

Unfortunately for us round 2 of the “video verbal” was not successful, but if you close your eyes and replace “Tuesday” with “Friday” and “Track Tuesday” with “hills for breakfast” this video is pretty accurate to what you said to me last night:


Lastly – I leave you with some words of wisdom by …. you:


Nothing breaks my heart as much as a broken verbal – I hope you remember this next time you try to hit snooze on an NP day.  Come back to us, Ash, it’s just not the same without you.

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