We Missed You, Anushka aka DJ Broken Verbals!

Today’s We Missed You Post is brought to you by Chloe, who cried all the way to and from the hill this morning, true story. And NO ONE makes my friends cry. DJ NOO5H, last month I told you I would think of a great DJ name for you. Let me present to you, Option A. “DJ-Broken-Verbals”

It’s true what they say about one being the loneliest number. This morning my run crew went from 3 to 1 in under a minute. I waited until the very last second before I had to leave. Jen was counting on me, and when someone is counting on me, I don’t let them down. It was a dark and lonely run to the tribe. Thankfully, I had all those hugs waiting for me from the rest of the tribe. 

When you texted Thursday night asking “who’s in for hills tomorrow?” I figured you must be hungry for some #hillsforbreakfast. It turns out I was very, very wrong.

What happened in those 7.5 hours that caused you to break your verbal? The DJ Noo5h (seriously, we need to stop using that name) I used to know, would never let me down like that. Are there even any legitimate excuses that could be had?
Let’s see….
Since you’re a DJ, you were probably thinking about your next set. Maybe you were perfecting your scratching skills on the 1’s and 2’s? Is that even a thing anymore? Who are we kidding, all the hype I hear is about you being a World DMC calibre DJ.
Were you making your playlist for tonight? If you needed help, I totally could have helped. After all, it’s friday, and you coul basically get away with playing this track on repeat.
We know you love it.
Maybe you were branching out in your musical skills so late at night and got busy with your trumpet.
Whatever it was, it seems that you were ok breaking a verbal, when you know we take them very seriously.
It may only be April, but when my good friend, Santa Claus comes and asks us to look over his list, you probably wont be in the “Nice” column.
We just thought you should know, we missed you this morning, DJ Broken Verbals!
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