We Missed You (and donuts) Meaghan!

This is Meg and Trevor:


Dear Meg,
It pains me to write this. We’ve had a 6 month run as a NP tribe here in San Diego, and I’ve never had to write one of these before.
Now you may be saying it’s not fair, since our Monday stair workouts are unofficial, that they shouldn’t count.
But they do. And you made this far too easy for me.
Let’s begin with the text from your lovely boyfriend (Trevor we missed you too) that I received yesterday:

That’s close enough to a verbal for me.
Now let’s move to the more public announcement you made on Facebook (which, if my memory serves me, you actually posted the words “hashtag verbal” and then magically removed them before this morning, sneaky but I’m on to you):

And then 6:30 rolls around this morning, and many smiling happy faces are there.
But three things are missing: you, Trevor, and that box of Dunkin Donuts munchkins.
So with that, I just want to say with sad hearts and empty bellies, We Missed You this morning Meg.
❤️ LP (and the rest of the hungry tribe)

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