We Missed You, Alex (NYC)

Meet Alex.  Alex has been coming to our workouts pretty regularly since before summer started.  She was there in Brooklyn, everywhere.  She even showed up to an insane basketball game.  So we know that you had a big week with some social media and internet fame.


We know that you have had a long last month.  We know that you have a super cute new boyfriend, and all but today was a big day.  Today we tracked our burpees.  You always make sure that you go high on those burpees and have great form.  But alas, you were out at the bar last night ( mind you with at least two other people that dropped verbals as well).  The beers were flowing, and I was there too.  I had a few of these libations and enjoyed the time we all got to spend together on that cold cold night.  But alas, you did not show.  They were still able to make it this morning.  So our workout started, we were bouncing and in the minds of so many, “Where is Alex? Where is she?” I saw some tears on some faces.  Maybe those were those winter tears you get when you start running, or when you do 45 burpees in 5 minutes.  But we like to think those tears came from the part of the soul that was broken when you didn’t keep your word.  We bet that bed was nice and cozy on this cold morning. And yes, we got the text:



Our day was ruined without you and your smiling face.  We know you will be there Wednesday.  We know you are pushing through right now.  We are here for you and we will be there Wednesday and every day.  We missed you, Alex.

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