We Missed You AGAIN!?! Jarod Cain, punch in buddy!

We missed you, this post. For, it truly belongs on our wall of shame–not on Facebook (It’s ok Seth is new here, and doesn’t really get it yet ;-).
Jarod, being a repeat offender is gaining many frequent flyer points after being on the wall so often. Unfortunately for him, you can’t use We-Missed-You-Wall-Frequent-Flyer-Points to purchase pie, sorry buddy. Without further adieu, here’s Seth Waltz of the Boston Tribe and his tale of Apple Pie, a PR, and a broken dream…

Hey, Buddy! How are you today? Oh, remember that time at‪#‎BetterThanBedtime‬ I told you about that awesome race everyone was running where you can win pie? And you got really excited and wanted to come? But then you found out what time it was at and realized you couldn’t make it? I just wanted to say…I’M SORRY!!! I should not have gotten you so excited without giving you all the details. You seemed bummed when you couldn’t make it. My bad!

Oh yeah, remember what happened next? You asked me if I would bring you a slice of my ‪#‎PRpie‬. And I said, “ABSOLUTELY, BUDDY!!!” To which you replied, “Cool, see you on Wednesday at the stadium.”

This is what we call a ‪#‎verbal‬. At this point, I was really excited. Nothing brings a coupla bros together quite like sharing some PR pie!

Then, on Monday, when everyone was posting pictures, you got so excited for me to bring you some pie – that you made a special comment on my photo about seeing me on Wednesday. It made my day! Seriously – how far I had traveled, how much I suffered over such a long race, over such varying terrain, just to be able to break bread (pie) with my friend. Thought about you and me together on Wed the whole way home.

On Tue, I told everyone. Even had to make special notes between my bed and my door to remember to get the pie out of the fridge and warm it up in the oven and put it in the special confectionary box I had prepared (slight exaggeration) – just to bring you some pie.

This morning I got up and went to the stadium with a little extra bounce in my step. I even did a full tour for the first time in 6 months! Can you believe it???!!! But I didn’t see you there. I waited at section 37 as the 6:30 crew rolled in with your pie in my hand. Everyone was asking who I had brought food for. I said, “Jarod,” in a freezing cold whimper; “but I can’t find him .”

And so there we were, me and my friend Mr. PR Pie, all alone in the cold. Eventually we had to leave. But I understand. The weather was bad, and your tapering for your very important race, and are a little banged up, and I know are very busy….

It’s just, I was excited. But life goes on. And you have forced me to eat my friend (Mr. Pie). Oh well.


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