We missed you Abbie and Claudia

“That’s a verbal, see you tomorrow!” and “Let’s split an uber down to the workout in the morning!” were two of the last things I heard from you two on Thursday night.

I was stoked! It’s been a while since we’ve seen you at a workout, Claudia. And Tess and I were excited to carpool to the workout together, Abbie (not to mention that a three-way fare split is basically free).


What could you have possibly been doing this morning at 6am that was more important than showing up? Maybe you found a grassy field to play in and the professional photographer was only available at 6am. Or maybe you felt the need for another tattoo and your favorite tattoo artist only works Friday mornings. Or maybe you slept in.

Whatever the reason, we get it. Getting up early for November Project is tough, and that’s why we have #verbal accountability. You both bring good energy to the workouts, and this morning, we missed you.

– B

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