We Missed You (3x) HAM SARRIS! (PHL)

Our fast and friendly Dan Haughton has brought to our attention that Sam Harris aka Ham Sarris aka Sans Helmet Sammie has dropped and broken (perhaps a record) 3 straight verbals!!! Yes, that’s 3 exclamation points for how many times you broke our hearts, Sam.  Dan sent this over yesterday, thinking there isn’t a remote possibility that Sam misses a 3rd workout in a row…well he DID.  Take it away Dan…

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, right? [Ed. note: How about three times?!?] That’s how that goes isn’t it? I will be honest, I didn’t want to have to write you a We Missed You, because I didn’t want to have to miss you. I like seeing you. Your hug form is always on point, and I couldn’t describe your disposition any differently than chipper, just chipper. I mean look at that face! Those glasses!

But then it happened twice three times.

The first time, I let it slide thinking – I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I have sadly broken my own verbal at least once and I like to think that there is always the remote possibility of a legitimate excuse a la extreme diarrhea, childbirth, or sudden and unexplained vertigo to name a few.

The worst part is that you still don’t have the helmet that you left at the last fateful workout we both attended. The helmet that I took the duty of returning to you at the next workout and then the next, and yet as we stand, the helmet remains unreturned. Is it me? I toss and turn at night with the feeling of unresolved angst.

I even carried it for miles on my morning run before this passed Wednesday’s workout. I knew deep inside my being that it had to be returned and, surely, that you couldn’t possibly break a second verbal in a row on such a gorgeous Wednesday morning. (I know what you’re thinking – don’t call me Shirley) I have seen with my own eyes your unrelenting work ethic and what you can do with a stand-up bass, which is impressive to say the least.

Adding to that bulletproof confidence was the text you sent the night before, a mere handful of hours prior. A gentle reminder that I was to bring your helmet to the workout. But alas, come Wednesday morning, no Sam.

This thing I carried is important to me, not just the helmet, but the commitment that we all have for being present. Presence in mind, action and community define this Project. I have no doubt that you would go twice as far out of your way for me in half a heartbeat, and I hope you would hold me to my word as I aim to do here.

I’m not angry, I just missed you oh so much! (but like srsly come get your helmet because I worry about your safety there are crazy drivers out there).

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