We Missed You 3+1 (Indy)

What can I say? Three people and a plus one bailed on their verbals today.  A verbal, for those still grasping the NP speak, is your word. Your verbal is your commitment that you will show up; in return you receive hugs, high fives and get sweaty. In the November Project world, we govern via accountability. As so, I give you the first We Missed You post from Indy.

Two newbies! @PrettyStrongMed and her roomie @tesslacie, wow. My heart broke a little as I shed a tear for each of you today.


There is probably an app that can help with your scheduling. See you soon!

Lori Breitweiser from our NP Indy AV department.



As the fearless co-leader of NP Indy, I never sleep the night before our
morning gatherings. Like a kid on Christmas Eve, no sleep for me. I toss, I turn, I worry I will oversleep…what will the tribe do to me if I don’t show up? Sleep can wait, Lori.

And then we have repeat offender ninja Bill Vernon.


Last week (race day):




I hope momma and the babes are felling better. I have no words other than I’m about to change your ninja motto from “get up and try something new” to “stay in bed and make excuses”.

Love you all! #Justshowup so I don’t have to call you out on the interwebs. Word.

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