We Missed Our Star

Frankie, you’re a star, and we missed you.

We will be straight with you Frankie, we love you. You’re one of our favorites: you’re super funny, always glad to be there – even when you act like you’re not, always down to party, and just an all around awesome person. So it is no wonder I get disappointed when you tell me you will be at the workout on a Friday morning, and then this happens:


So I wrote this little diddy:

Why do ya build us up [build us up]

When you’re a star baby….

Just to let me down [let me down]

It makes us sad all around.

And then worst of all [worst of all]

You never let us down baby….

And we miss you dude [miss you dude]

But we love you still.

We need you! [We need you!]

More than anything Frankie,

You know that we have from the start [AAAAAHHHHH aaaaahhhh aaahhhh]

So build us [build us up]

Just don’t break our hearts……..

Frankie, we love you, but you let us down today. We just wanted to say, we missed you.

Love, Rob

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