We Missed HANGING WITH You, Leanne (NYC)

Yesterday was one of our most challenging workouts.  Ans that is where Leanne usually thrives at these workouts.  Leanne has been coming to our workouts since close to the beginning of our time as a tribe. She is a fitness junkie, always moving, always trying out some insane new ways to get creative and workout in ways you never thought about. Yesterday, Leanne missing from the workout.  She has started a new job and works for a pretty intense workout gym– but NOVEMBER PROJECT IS HER HOME.  For the month of August, Leanne has been hanging around each day as seen by some of her pictures. We she didn’t hang out/workout with us on Wednesday.  I was going to workout at 6:30 this morning (Thursday lol) and who do I happen to see on the train? Oh hello Leanne. Hey Paul. Yea, too much spicy food so I was in bed all day and not at the workout.  Hmmm.  It made me so sad.  Indian food, mexican food, whatever the food was we know it was not worth it.  We know that we will see you again, and the pain caused by the food was nowhere close to the pain that was felt by the tribe without you there.  Leanne, WE MISSED YOU.  We missed hanging with you.

Chris had to hang by himself……. 🙁


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