We Missed ALL of You!

Todd & Kyle
Hope you had a wonderful vacation fellas. So glad you made it in safe and sound last night. With plenty of time to get a good nights rest. So that you could show up to meet your tribe at the Greek Theater this morning. To wake up the sun. And to run some hills. And spread some positivity. And give out some good vibes. And sweaty hugs.
Orrrrr…. Sleep in. Not show up. Regret everything. Eat donuts. Watch TV. Complain about the cold…. I assume. I mean, why else would you have not shown up. Hmnmn….
But seriously guys, we missed you. We need your beautiful faces at the workouts. They just make us so damn happy. VERBAL for Wednesday. And SHOW UP. The tribe needs you!! WE MISSED YOU!



Do you not like us anymore, Marylin? Are we not good enough? Do you like your acro buddies more? Is your bed more appealing that Griffith Park? Did you quit running? Did you give up on fitness? I’ve heard some things…
Do you know what “verbal” means? It’s like a spoken agreement, to show up, and not disappoint your friends. Why’d you leave us hanging?
I think I smiled a little less today because you weren’t there.
Come back to us with your fierce determination, bubbly smile, and overwhelming positivity. WE MISSED YOU!!


I’m sure you wouldn’t tell the Rhythm Section that you’d be at practice, and then not show up. Is fitness less important to you than funky ass jazz? With only a few opportunities to workout with us before you head back to the East Coast, it seems crazy to miss out on even one! You must have been tired from shredding on the guitar so hard. We all know how into it you get. I’m sure its exhausting.
But, really, we love you, and we want to see as much of you and your funky ass attitude before you leave us again. See you Wednesday? WE MISSED YOU!


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