We Miss You #Yearbookphotos

We Miss You #yearbookphotos,

It was what felt like months ago that we first heard of you. We convened in our normal manner to have a awesome, badass workout but were greeted with fun props and a great mini-trampoline and the WONDEROUS missmorganderson. We had so much fun together, leaping and snappin’ pics!  WHAT. A. DAY!

The tribe’s hype was infectious, and we patiently waited for your arrival…and then we waited, and then we waited. (#justshowup)

When will we be reunited? When will we be able to update our profile pictures? When will we be able to start spreading the glorious word of this community, of this tribe though visual, aerial representation and #artshots?

Perhaps they took a little plane ride to Canada, to be with all the other rad #yearbookphotos from our brother and sister tribes at #npsummit4.0…we know however that Sarge will not rest until he finds them and brings them back to the Mile High City

Or maybe, they were just a dream…and Major will find them as he snoozes and make them a reality.

We can’t wait to be rejuvenated with this level of extreme awesomeness and jump for joy when we’re reunited, #yearbookphotos.

We miss you, and can’t wait to love you fiercely,


NP Yearbook4

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