We Miss You, Vinny Piccolo!

Remember when we PR’d on my first PR day back after an injury and then we went to brunch?  Oh, you don’t remember that?  Of course you don’t, because you weren’t there.
We had a date.  You’re claiming we didn’t, but we did!  Last Wednesday, we were at the bridge and the UN traffic was bad, really bad.  And I said, “We can’t do brunch this week.  How about brunch next week?”, and you said, “I didn’t know we were doing brunch this week but ok for next week”.
People heard you.
I was ready to run a full 5 mansions.  I was ready to chow down afterwards.  What I wasn’t ready for was not hearing your smart ass mouth chirping me this morning; pushing me to race you up the stairs; telling me that your butt looks better in compression pants than mine does.  Your excuse? “My new dog peed on my bed, and I didn’t sleep for two damn days because the Mayor was coming to my park.”
Guess what, Ranger Rick, dogs pee all the time, and the Mayor lives at the park we were at this morning so technically he made it, but you didn’t.  Thankfully it was raining enough to mask my tears of heartbreak.
I will now be forced to spend the next week lobbing insults at you in a mediocre attempt to alleviate my disappointment.  And I won’t feel better about any of it until I get a sweaty post workout hug.  This is my way of saying, “We missed you this morning”.  Love Kat.
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