We Heart Steps!

PR day. If we were in West Side Story we’d be thinking “the Puerto Rican’s” are coming to a workout. Anyways our movie would be more like East Side Story considering the fact we still have the future to explore the West Side. Anyways, PR day! A huge womping success as always.


Here are our times for doing two full tours of the bowl.

  • Tod B-20:27
  • Chance T-20:39
  • Kentley- 25:10
  • Charlie- 25:27
  • Lauren C.-25:37
  • Lawrence W-25:42
  • Reyn Beeler-26:26
  • Laura F- 27:05
  • Danielle K- 27:13
  • Stesha- 24:55
  • Bob-28:13
  • Angel-29:01
  • Kathleen-29:15
  • Patrick M-31:23
  • Domenica-31:23
  • Casey-32:00
  • Jordan-29:30
  • Cameron-32:60????
  • Kevin- 27:03
  • Shelby-32:50
  • Clair-32:15
  • Natalie-32:11
  • Jeff Rizzi-32:31
  • Jesse- 33:00
  • Dominque B-33:30
  • Heather-34:10
  • Nicole-34:25
  • Infamous Orange-27:05
  • Taylor F-35:39
  • Cara-36:10
  • D’arcy-36:00
  • Olivier-36:21
  • Emily-36:53(1x)
  • Becky-37:05(1x)
  • Caitlin-37:05(1x)


Great job tribe!  And smooth skills with the GoPro. Take a look at the video.

Today’s positivity award was awarded to Casey. Heart of gold, loves country music, smile on her face and keeps on coming.

If you have yet to do so sign up for #socalcollisioncourse on our facebook events page.

HW: Give a recruiting paper to someone special. 😉

4th of July is coming so wear the good ‘ole American colors (or British or Australian or French) RED, WHITE & BLUE!


We will see you as usual at 6:29am at the Hollywood Bowl.

We promise there won’t be cops this time. Except for the ones we recruited.


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