We got Buff today. We got Buffs today.

Today we got Buff from doing the Final Hump.  Yes we threw you all a curve ball and made you all angry by forcing you to do your least favorite work out.  Please continue to come back.

We also got our Buffs today.  A yellow mixture of workout positions and possible sex positions.  These things are great.  Wear them proud and make others jealous who did not get one.

Handstand burnout was epic.  Chantal came out victorious and Dave had to walk away tail between the legs.  Chantal is now becoming the best tribe member at being able to hold still for the longest periods of time; after being runner up last week at the V-up stand off too.

We found Brent Cunningham.  We can all now relax.  Thank god.

Stuff not so Buff:

  • One more week at Kate Sessions then off the motor boat pond (bring your cleavage.)
  • Brunch Club is January 24th
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