We Get To Do This; Today’s Recap by Emily Saul (Boston)

Look, by now you either know Emily Saul or you haven’t been interacting with enough of your fellow November Project Boston members. She’s strong, graceful, inspiring, and experienced enough in the world of non-profit and hard core athletic training that she can completely understand the value of this Free Fitness Movement. She is driving this tribe three times a week and is today’s blog writer. Ladies and gents, let’s give a standing ovation for the one and only Emily Saul…

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5:28 AM I’m standing in the dark in the stadium with the growing crowd of people anxious to start running up the those tall, glorious stairs. I look up into the sky as BG asks everyone to raise their hands high in the air and give out old-school 1980s style high 10s. I notice the perfect half-moon and brilliant stars in the sky. Do we really get to do this? We get to come together with amazing people who care about being fit and staying healthy? We get to train next to badass athletes of all kinds who are willing to push themselves up the seats and down the Crimson steps for as many sections as humanly possible until time is called at 6:17 and 7:20 respectively for us to gather for hugs and a sweaty photo?

Fuck yeah we get to do this.

Even on a day when it feels more like a humid summer morning and the elements make it easier to rise & shine than it should be in mid-October when we’re planning our Halloween costumes. We can be grateful for a warm humid morning that makes our hugs sweater than usual and makes BG even weirder than usual. Did he actually make the last group of Newbies to start section 37 practice their “foot up” 6 times before they started? Yes he did, and they’ll be forever ready to start that section with confidence and bad-assery. The 6:30 “Newbie Group” was unprecedentedly large today, which means #WorldTakeover is in full effect.

The Tribe is growing. The Tribe is strong. See you at the hills on Friday.

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