We do awesome shit

It’s kind of a bold statement to make: WE DO AWESOME SHIT

but you know what?!

We do.  We run.  A lot.  We run hills.  Steep hills on Fridays.  Today Full Frontals with some cross country spice and that was awesome.  We hug.  In large groups.  And one-to-one, hips in, for quality hugs. We enjoy the beautiful Friday morning sunshine atop Corey Hill.  We assure ourselves that we’ve earned our weekend by working hard and pushing up those steep hills, sprinting on the grassy uphill.  We keep moving with threat of being shot with a water gun by yours truly if you stop before 7:15. And we celebrate Charlie’s birthday by acting like 6 year olds too.  We bring our super-soakers and water balloons, hand-sized water guns, and everything in between to soak each other to the core after the workout is over.  We leave with soggy, sloshy-noise-making shoes, and big smiles on our faces.  That shit is not only good, it’s awesome.  That’s the awesome shit that stays with us all day, brightening our moods and our moments.  It’s the kind of #community #freefitness #awesome shit that fuels us.

Make sure you tell the tribe how much awesome you did on the hills today.  Track the awesome NOW.

Also make sure you get out there this weekend.  You earned it.  Good luck to those NP badasses racing this weekend.  And to all of you badasses, plan to get your asses up for the Run-Deck-Run on Monday.  You don’t want to miss it.  Location in the Fens area, on the banks of the Muddy River.  #Verbal if you want to.  Shit, #verbal even if you don’t want to, because you actually want to.

Or don’t.  You know, ‘cuz you probably won’t have any fun, or get any hugs, or get any free fitness.  But you know that’s not true.

#weekendearned you crazy kids.  Go play with your (water) guns.

ES gun show shadow



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