We Are Alive!

When you look out the window and the weather is _________, you first have to notice that you’re alive before you go into judging and deciding and weighing. So the sun hasn’t come up yet and its raining, snowing, blowing, farting, whatever outside, SO WHAT? You are alive. We’re all alive! That is the first thing you should notice in your day. FUCK YEAH! I’m alive!

Is it heartbreak & drama in the news in the last two weeks around killings or is it the simple fact that the Mayan Calendar said that we weren’t going to make it to see today? Whatever it is, think of those who can’t join us on top of the hill on Summit Ave, the bottom of section 37, or everywhere deck-worthy in Boston… take a moment… now, you are able to crack a smile, look around, smile again, and say (at any volume) “FUCK YEAH!” Because after all, WE ARE ALIVE.

I hope that any and all of you who are in town next week can join me as I keep up the Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30AM workouts (below). For those of you who are traveling please be safe out there. Boston needs you to return in one piece for the new year. Pack #GrassrootsGear and send photos (FB).

This has been a huge year for us all and we can’t wait to push through next week and into the new year with the tribe. Have a great weekend… maybe we’ll see you tomorrow at noon?

MONDAY’S Location: #BostonCommon at Beacon & Charles. See map here.

Wednesday: Nothing new here. Harvard Stadium. 6:30AM

FRIDAY: Test location!!! NO SUMMIT AVE. #ParkerHillRoxburyBitch. See map here.

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