Wax On Wax Off (VB)

Wax On Wax Off. We ninja’d so hard today. Partner sit-ups, Partner Push-up. Heading in and out of our do-jo all the way to ninja walking the cross-walk and ninja sprinting the straight aways.

Not a lot of announcements. The photos speak for themselves.

Next week, we are meeting at the same time and same place. 615AM WEDNESDAY. THE FOUNTAIN in TOWN CENTER. BOOM.


Ohh yeah one more thing. Christina earned the #PositivityAward, Emily C won the #NP_Hero Cape, Emily S won the first ever #NPtheBOOK Peer-to-Peer award, AND Molly got a little gift for all she does for the trip (The photos ROCK). We will miss you Molly. Come back soon.

Love Red



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