Warmth, Butter and the 40s (PHL)

Ah the sweet feeling of warmth in the morning, taste of humidity in the air, and sight of Jason’s thighs in his oh, so short-shorts.  Sure signs that Spring is rolling into the city of Brotherly Love.  Running over to the PMA this morning I was greeted by other runners on the path… a welcome contrast from the lonely, frigid winter months.  This morning’s crew was large, loud and strong.  Deegs once again rolled in with maybe the most colorful tights in the Commonwealth.  I believe his only competition on the East Coast is Elin, who presents some pretty stiff competition…get your mind out of the gutter.

Today we continued the Battle of the Sexes theme.  The Tribe broke into two groups– male/female and ran the loop on the top deck.  When the cowbell sounded depending on which station they landed at people did 10 pushups, situps, hoistees or squats.  This continued for the better part of 40 minutes.  We caught another beautiful sunrise over the city and dodged passing news vans driving on the Art Museum steps.  Thanks for showing up and pushing the pace today!  Friday we are at LEMON HILL!

PS. I don’t know why ‘butter’ is in the title.

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