Warm welcome home (YEG)

Dear Constable Ezio Faraone,

Thanks for all of the high 5’s…I know we’ve been gone a while and we haven’t called but we’re really glad you don’t hold a grudge. Commonwealth treated us well while it was light. Now we’ve entered the dark season and we are happy to be back in your hood. Nadim was so excited to light up the path to your helping hand…the tribe was excited to show off their burpees…they’ve gotten stronger over these last few months hey?…Could you tell? I bet you could! What did you think of their form? How were the pushups and situps? We’ve been practising…I hope you noticed. I bet you saw some familiar faces and a bunch of new ones too. I’m glad we could introduce you to some new tribe members…we’re hoping that you’ll get to meet even more newbies as we all get reacquainted. We’re trying to reach 200 people for a Wednesday morning…200! Can you believe it? We’re going to do it…the tribe is determined! We’re all going to keep recruiting and we figure if we all bring at least one new person each Wednesday and they bring one new person the following week…we could annihilate that goal. We’re excited to share that with you.

Thanks again for another amazing Royal Glenora stair workout…we’re super pumped to be back!  The tribe will continue to get strong Friday at Emily Murphy Hill and Monday at one of Edmonton’s traffic circles and then we’ll be back to say hi! See you next week!


The NPCanadaTribe xo


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