Walk on Water (DEN)

Feet in the water, toes in the sand, the Mile High Tribe returned to the Cheeseman Park oasis today to fulfill their #FubuFriday obligations. This location is near and dear to our heart, flashback to October 16, 2013: Dan, Molly, Piper, Ken, Kellie, Bronwyn, and Brooke took to the sub-freezing stage of the Cheeseman Pavilion to play human shuffle board. Seven began this challenge and three endured to the final picture (below). You’ve come a long way #NP5280. Today’s  free workout was brought to you by the canine kid, Troy:

I love my November Project tribe. I love my city. The chance to put my tribe through a workout in one of my favorite parks here in Denver was just too good to pass up! This morning the mighty #NP5280 tribe descended upon Cheesman Park and they turned out with gusto!

After getting the blood pumping with a few jumping jacks, the tribe hit the trail that circles this infamous park. Divided by birth, they hit the 1.42mi. loop with instructions to run if they could, walk if they needed to, but just to keep moving! Many a high five was exchanged as they passed each other on the far side. That is what this is about! Pushing ourselves and celebrating each other!

We were not done there though! Returning to the historic pavilion fountains, sets of box jumps and declined push-ups were knocked out to a little rap trio from New York waxing on about Sabotage. When the oxygen seemed to be returning it was time for one final test of staying in motion.

That’s when the Frisbee came out! The tribe, again separated by birthdays, was set loose in a game of procession. The rules were simple: Pass to your team. If the disk hits the ground it’s a turnover. Unless you had the disk, you stayed in motion. With glorious abandon, the tribe set loose in the Colorado sunshine. Hidden Frisbee skills were shown. Teamwork flourished. Shirts were soaked.

It was great to get this opportunity to give my tribe something back! Thanks for leaving it all in the park friends! You all good?


WEDNESDAY: 6:15A Capitol Building Stairs (14th & Broadway). Steal your friends sneakers and tell them they can only get them back if they #JustShowUp.

 FUBU FRIDAY:  6:15A location TBD – do you have a favorite Denver Park that you want to introduce to the tribe? Let us know by Monday, you don’t necessary need to lead the workout (Dan is brewing with ideas).

 SPEED NOTES: Good luck to Kaitlin “Rump Shaker” Wallace in her elite half-marathon competition in Moab tomorrow. The tribe runs together.


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