Wake Up, Sit Up, Push Up, Push On. #BostonStrong. @Nov_Project (feat @mark_wahlberg)

Tons of dudes and gals of all kinds of high-levels have come to November Project. Famous celebraties and politicians will enter this tribe as a way to connect to the early risers of this city and as a way to tap into a little personal street cred. With that said, when multiple members ran into Mr “Marky Mark,” AKA “Pain & Gain” AKA “Boogie Nights” MARK WAHLBERG during our warmup lap around Copley Square this morning before our #DestinationDeck classic… well… I think we can all say that we felt pretty cool. I mean, here’s this dude worth all this dough… he’s got a movie right now about lifting weights with The Rock and blowing shit up… he’s a man who wears Boston on his chest… and his plan this morning was to come and watch us flip cards!??!?! I think we can all agree, that’s pretty awesome. For those of you who couldn’t pull yourself from your beds we’d like to be clear: Mark Wahlberg only comes to #DestinationDeck‘s by November Project.

If you’re reading this Mark, plan to show up on Wednesday and see community at its finest. You will have to bring your BORN IN DORCHESTER street cred to the bottom of section 37 just before the sun rises. We hope you like hugs.

Today’s workout was only the beginning of what looks like the largest week we’ve ever had. Recruit your ass off and plan to throw down with us this Wednesday at Harvard Stadium. The workout is called #FrogMan1. If you don’t know what that means you need to search it on this site and do your freakin’ homework between now and Wednesday. We’ll have a 5:30AM start and a 6:30AM start. Please stay in those groups so that we can keep life semi-organized. We are not going to be painting shirts this week so please hold onto your potential gear until next week.

I’ll sign off with this: Mark Wahlberg does films about lifting and stealing and fake dongs and boxing. He carries Boston in his viens. He also has the build and charm to make the ladies pee their racing spandex and explosions, rhymes, and pushup technique that make the dudes dookie their cargo shorts. This guy is beyond real. And what does BEYOND REAL do early in the morning!? He comes to November Project to take notes on how to be badass. Enough said. The tribe is strong.

We are now looking to NP MSN to have your next largest workout. Last week you were just over 40 members on Bascom Hill. Let’s see if we can hit 50 this week. Get on FB & Twitter & your cell & your bicycle and recruit your ass off over the next 30 hours.

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