Wait, which direction am I going??

Here is a simple workout: Hill repeats, with burpees (PR day).  Easy.  Everyone can grasp that concept, whether they were listening or not.  Simple.

With anything more complicated than that, things become less reliable.  Chaos ensues.  Tribe members running right and left, crisscrossing, and second guessing.  Where am I!? Which way do I turn!!? What are we doing!!!?


Today was one of those days.  Chaotic, slightly confusing, hilarious, awesome, perfectly imperfect.  No matter what the workout, you all rise to the challenge.  No matter how strange the warm up, you all happily bounce.  No matter how big the obstacle, you all conquer it together, arms linked, minds open.

NPSD knows what’s up.  We get this whole community thing, and we’re pretty fucking good at it.  Keep it up, gang.  We’re making WAVES here in San Diego!


Allie McKay, you’ve been a apart of this wave-making machine since the beginning.  You’ve grown within this community, and you’ve helped this community grow.  This was LONG overdue!  We love you!


And CONGRATS to our NP-Partner-Wall-Sit-Off champions, Sheila and Kylie!! #NP_Shorties




Now here’s something we hope you’ll really like…

#MayhemMondays – Holding it down at Hill St. & Sunset Cliffs all month long!

FRIDAY, APRIL 8th @12:20PM on the dot.  This is how it goes down – you show up HERE at 12PMish, wearing #grassrootsgear. At 12:20 on the nose we bounce and do a Sebastian, flash mob style. At 12:27 you disappear back to where you came from. The news may or may not be there. This may or may not be one of the weirder, funnier, more awesomer things you ever do in your entire life. Plan for it now. Do not miss it. 


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