Wait…..Where are we going? (NYC)

When we start each day in New York, we wake up in this concrete jungle we call home.  There are buildings that engulf us as we walk to work, walk home, and/or go for a run around the park.  We each are so small in this city of 8 million people.  You walk down the stairs, get on the subway, get crammed into a car with hundred of other people.  The sweat from those people dripping on your work clothes, humidity at a high from all the impending summer storms that roll through.  Stop after stop people get off, you breathe, then suck back in as the car get slammed packed again.  Your stop comes, you get off and walk above ground to the corner in Midtown, the Financial District, Upper East Side, Chelsea, etc.  The buildings towering overhead that the sun barely shines through.  You catch a glimpse of clouds as you walk through the throngs of people.


If you were to stop and look up for 5 seconds, people would be bumping into you left and right.  Giving you evil looks for not moving, being in their way as they impatiently hurry to their office, that cubicle of space probably without any windows.  Working from the 6th floor of one of those towering buildings where you can only see the other buildings around you, the hustle on the street below, a whiff of cloud through the gap between those buildings on the Avenues that surround you during the day. That was Thursday.

Today the alarm goes off and you know that their is a workout.  You jump out of bed.  Throw on some #GrassrootsGear, look in the mirror, and immediately a smile gets slapped onto your face.  Because you know what is waiting you as you get yourself to the workout.  You meet up with two friends who are also running down to the workout.  Then you see another group of four who are also going.  You join forces and create an even bigger crew.  The taxis are not out yet in force, people are just waking up.  Some are going to those establishments where they “pay” to get fitness.  You #JustShowUp.  You see that friend you made at the last workout and each give a great big sweaty hug.  The sweat shared from the same work it took to just get to the workout.

The bounce starts and its go time. Time to pump those guns out with some push-up rounds mixed with some mountain climbers.  As you wait you feel the connection to each person in your group.  You are in pain, but you are encouraging the others in the group to keep going, which means soon it will be your turn and it will be your turn to feel that pain.  The same pain we are all feeling. Today we all felt that pain.  Your arms are about to give out and then you are told that was just the first part of the workout.


Part two took us to a second location.  And we all know– You never follow a hippee to a second location.  Wait, where are we going? You follow the leader and you have a feeling something special is happening.  But then you find out there are stairs.  I can climb a few flights, that’s easy.  Wait, how many flights? You get to 28 and you hear the communal FUCK- WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE GOING?  I don’t think I can do this.  You keep trucking as you know the pay day is coming.  You hear the person behind you saying keep going, you got this.  You push forward.  44.  Worth every fucking step.  The reward was spectacular.  #EARNED.


Thanks to the PA man for use of #PowersTower.

Monday: 7pm-9pm (102 and 1st) on the Manhattan side of the bridge.  Bring your gear to get Tagged #GrassrootsGear style.  If you did not bring your white shirt on Wednesday, this is your chance to get one.

WEDNESDAY: PR Day.  Flagpole, 6:28 a.m.  Be punctual.  Bring fluids and a watch if you have one.


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