It wasn’t so long ago that I crossed paths with a fellow DC fitness somewhat popular name. If you heard of this power couple, you’ll probably nod your head and think to yourself, ‘Yup, they’re in pretty good shape. One day I’ll have abs like her or biceps like him’. When we did cross paths, it was at one of their workouts (had to scout the competition).

12764424_10208491035692183_6442692106530215803_oI’m a little biased but it wasn’t as good as November Project. Ok, so I had some fun, maybe smiled a little. They’re doing good for the fitness world. We officially met, hugged it out, and EXCHANGED VERBALS.


I came to their workout, now they should come to ours. We agreed. Granted, work in the fitness field sometimes has you up and at ’em around the same time as November Project DC gets going with hugs and sweaty smiles. But FINALLY, we got a HARD verbal. This Wednesday. 6:30AM. THEY’LL BE THERE.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.06.30 AM

This is how I picture their morning going…

  1. Wake up and admire yourself as a kid


2. Practice your serious face (and flex) in the mirror1917935_563996255068_7848214_n

3. Decide whether to canoe, drive, or bike to the workout. Also, should I go shirtless, dress for work (Gucci sunglasses included?), or wear normal athletic gear?

417487_4375105174565_1631833010_n 200190_10201151565010003_1505998264_n 536001_4076191421908_1835111396_n

My sources tell me you decided to drive. I’ll assume you dressed that way too.

Unfortunately, that’s as far as you got. Did your band call and do an emergency photo shoot for the next album cover (make sure you stick your pinky finger out)?


Was something else holding you two back?


Wait…let’s get a closer look at this:



All I gotta say is yes, that’s a banana on your pants, and the disappointment this morning was pretty unbearable (just like the humidity). We’re not mad. Just disappointed.


Maybe next time you’ll plan ahead and join us for a #sweatsesh (or whatever the hip folks call it these days).

Chris and Alex Perrin. WE. MISSED. YOU.

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