Vanilla Ice (YEG)

This is how I come up with titles for the blog. Jen gave me a bottle of vanilla on Monday. Today was icy. Boom! Vanilla Ice! Everywhere you go, there are connections. I feel like I need to listen to Vanilla Ice’s most popular song…. Ninja Rap.

It was raining on November 21st in Edmonton. Think about that for a moment. Most of the other tribes were colder than us this morning. I think we were warmer than San Diego. Can we even say we’re weatherproof anymore? Apparently we are not ice proof. There were quite a few spills and some graceful recoveries too. When it’s this icy, remember to go slow on the way down.

Club Night at MEC is on Thursday from 7-9pm. Wear grassroots gear to get you discount if you need to get any layers or headlamps, or shoe grippers.

We are having a Christmas get-together on the 13th. Come, or don’t come.

We will meet on Monday at City Hall in (Edit: beside) the pool. We might just keep pushing the limits and go to even icier spots for the next while. (Edit: Jen has informed me that we will NOT be doing this). It would be a good idea to bring a pair of gloves because you will be doing pushups for part of the workout.

Go into the tracker and drop your verbal.

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