Vagus vacation (YWG)

Wisconsin notes: 

  • Vegas Vacation courtesy of Jen Ference at November Project CAN (Edmonton)
  • Organized chaos
  • Plank races
  • At 57, Mrs. Page is one tough lady
  • MEC Race this Sunday, 7am at BHP. Come #raceeverything
  • 200 by June 8th, mark that day down
  • Rick ran 52 sections in Boston


This morning was no vacay, despite the name of the workout. Huge credit to Tom for coming for half the workout even though he had to be in the hospital at 7am, saving lives. And our other fearless leader, Rick, showed the folks in Boston what Winnipeggers can do, firing off 52 sections in the Harvard Stadium. Tom led the warm up; planks with top and back, and the group was almost too big to do that one. Which is good, it forces us to adapt, improvise, overcome. We were initially going to have two rows for the plank races, but Tom made a point that by the time we get in two rows, we would cover the entire field. So we did four rows.


We have to make a special mention to one of our core members, Robyn Penner, manager at Lululemon, who is moving to Vancouver to work at the SeaWheeze store for a little while. She will be missed. And Milana who is off to Europe for a month. But we also saw the return of a few of our other core members today, welcome back.

Today’s workout was hard to judge how intense it was, it felt chaotic, the energy was great. We had plank races, time trials (we decided to be nice and only do one) and then the Vegas Vacation. You would have needed some stimulation of your vagus nerve after that, to get the heart rate back down.

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Today’s Positivity Award winner is fiercely strong. Here are some fun facts about her. She was born in Dublin, moved to Australia by boat at the age of 5, was the baby of six children, and is the mother of six (really good looking) children herself. She is a dance teacher and a high school teacher and a retired university professor. She moved to Canada in her twenties to marry her Canadian husband. A few years ago she fell off a horse and suffered a compression fracture of her 8th thoracic vertebra. Last year she suffered a complete AC separation. Today she turned 57. And she is still really fit and active. I don’t think anyone would have guessed her age out there today. Yes, I am talking about my mother, Mary Page.


See you fearsome folk next week.

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