Vacation Time (DCA)

We keep it weird at NP_DC, no question about that. Here’s Chris Cole Black’s take on NP, life, vacation, and the tribe:

I’m not sure when waking up after 6am turned into sleeping in. Probably around the same time I hugged a friend on the walk to work after one Wednesday with Abe and they asked if everything was okay. I’ve never been much of a morning person or a hugger but at some point that hour between 630 and 730am became one of my favorites of the week. NP is a lot of things and while I could wax on poignantly for hours I’ll get to the point. NP is a vacation.It’s a three day a week break from desk jobs, bills, commuting, school, stress, and 1000 other things.  Today we embodied that vacation. The work out didn’t go seamlessly but things like that don’t matter when you’re on vacation. We wore swim trunks and tank tops. We got weird with our work out. And we got wet. For some of us it was water. For a lot of us it was sweat. And after all of it we earned our Labor Day Weekends. Now go out and enjoy yourselves. Show off the bodies that NP helped build, pay a stranger a compliment, play some pool, skip some school, act real cool, stay out all night. And then GO TO THE MONDAY WORKOUT. We’re keeping the color theme alive for Monday’s Danny of the Day. The leader will be none other than former UNC Crew Member, triathlete and ornithology enthusiast Chris Gray. Don’t miss out.

MONDAY: Labor Day. Let’s labor together, sweat it out, and watch the wacky Chris Gray take over as #DannyoftheDay. Invite all your friends that have the day off. Meridian Hill Park, 6:30AM, NE corner #JustShowUp

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