Unce Unce Unce (DCA)

I can now tell people that I’ve been to a rave. Sure, it may have happened at 5:30 (and then again at 6:30), no one was on drugs or drunk (that I know of), and I didn’t have to pay a $20 cover. But it still counts. Just like when it’ll count when Kaelan beats Matt Cassi in the Sunrise 6k (what’s that? keep reading).

Did you rave this morning? If you were at a national monument with glowsticks and neon, then yes. Did Michelle Obama rave this morning? Ok sure, so going on vacation is great but when you get back, Michelle, we’ll see you at Lincoln? Bring the pooches? Maybe Malia and Sasha want to come too? I guess your main squeeze can attend as well.

Ok, back to the rest of you. Big things happened this morning and big things are happening in the near future. Here’s a quick list:

  1. December 25th workout: It’s happening. Key Bridge, DC side. 6:29AM. Be there and bring your family.
  2. SUNRISE 6k: January 6th, FREE race, 6k, BYO bib. Tell all your racer friends. Kick off the new year with a fresh 6k time.

Serious fun this morning. Let’s carry that energy into the New Year. Watch out 2016. We (and 29 other cities) are coming for you. #Dirty30?


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