T’was the merriest of mornings (YWG)


This morning once again showed us all why Winnipeg and it’s wonderful Winnipeggers are so awesome. After a night of substantial snowfall I expected a smaller group due to bad roads, clearing off cars and generally the fact it is the holidays and maybe some people wanted to sleep in.

Of course I was wrong, I was way wrong. Just like every week, people rolled in with smiles bright and decided to jump around in a pack featuring some ridiculous christmas sweaters. The snowfall certainly changed some of our plans for the workout but it also added a layer of magical holiday cheer that we could not have planned for.
The highlight of the day was the gift exchange workout featuring a beautiful wrapped gift in the middle of a circle. The best ‘gifts’ drawn instructed groups to hug repeatedly or to break out in some aggressive full body KARATE. It was stupid as hell, and we all loved it! We all love Winnipeg. We all love November Project. It’s all simple as that.

If you haven’t been out yet, give it a shot, you just might thank yourself and change your perspective on a few things.

Martina, you are a star, you are the embodification of November Project and you are a wonderful person. You are the 3rd and final member of your family to win the Positivity Award but that does not mean you have not been deserving of it for a long time. We just figured we would allow someone outside of your family to win every once in awhile. Thank you for smiling, thank you for cheering people on, thanks for working at your own pace but working hard. You always show up, you always build up those around you and always are ready with a big hug.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!

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