‘Twas a Bucket O’ Fun (BAL)

When was the last time you skipped? Like really skipped? Like when you skipped as a form of transportation from one end of the playground to the classroom? How about the last time you gave someone a piggyback ride? And ran while doing it? Or held plank for as long as you could remember? Today the tribe broke those dry streaks with a workout currently known as Bucket O Fun, and it surely, surely was a whole bucket of it.


There were 8 minute planks (and all forms of them), key chains, dinosaurs, high skips, helmets, #traverbalers, fire drills, modeling shoots, too many newbies to count, and the biggest smiles we’ve seen all week. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then your body was definitely not pumping out sweat with the rest of us this morning, and we really missed you.


Big hearts and love to Mercedes – our positivity award winner this week. She takes on this city with light, creativity, and happy big ideas. She’s one of us.

Thanks to Laura for making the tribe even MORE creative and social with a silent auction of exercises for some badass key chains. This was our favorite submission:


Keep coming. Keep pushing. Keep challenging each other. Keep recruiting. Keep making my hump day and every day that much brighter with your presence.


Keep loving this city, because we love you.


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