Turkey Games and Quiet Protests (DCA)

They rolled out of bed with their bellies still full.  They came with friends.  Fathers came with daughters. Mothers came with sons.  They joined us from other Tribes.  Others had just read about the hugs and wanted to try them for themselves.  Some even came as far as Morocco.  But they came just the same.  They got their gobble gobble on.  The Tribe showed what free fitness will do to work off that extra piece of pumpkin pie.  And we learned that security at the Kennedy Center is tight.  We lowered our voices to not be mistaken for a protest, which of course we were not.

So while the ‘rents were away for the Thanksgiving holiday, the Tribe lived on…solid with friends both new and old, from near and far to bear crawl and stairlamander but most of all to relieve the childhood memories brought on by a rousing game of Turkey Turkey Dinner.

Thanks for showing up this morning.  We were truly glad you came.








Mary and Corwin

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