Turbo Mode (YEG)

People ask me all sorts of weird questions about November Project.

There are the questions from those who know nothing about it: What happens when it’s not November? Why is it called November Project? How many people go?
There are the questions from those who know a little bit about it: That’s that Andrew Ference thing right? What do you do when it’s cold?
And then, there are the questions from those who know enough about it, but haven’t come out yet: Why don’t you do things in the evening? When it’s November, do you guys go in turbo mode?

TURBO MODE!??!?!! The answer, obviously, is that I’m always holding down the L and R Trigger buttons. Unless, of course, I’m not holding them down in which case I’m not in turbo mode. If you add the two up, it comes to slightly over 100% of the time.

Every single one of these questions can be answered by showing up. We say it all the time. It’s not that we don’t want to answer the question, or that we are bad people. We know that it is probably the most frustrating answer that we can possibly give. And no, we’re not meaning to be a meanie-pants. It’s just that, so much of what we do is hard to capture in words. We could write down the workout for you, and you can try to recreate it on your own. I guarantee that it will not be the same. You see, what we have is a community of people and a vibe that will leave you with a smile on your face. And that’s really hard to capture in words.

Now that I’ve said it’s nearly impossible to capture what we do in words, here’s a plug for the November Project Book which captures what we do in words. It comes out on April 12, 2016 and you can pre-order it now or wait a few years and get it at a garage sale.


We’ll announce the location for Better than Bedtime in the blog on Wednesday. That is the location where we will meet on Sunday at 2pm, run at a Together Pace, and end up at a random restaurant where you can eat, drink, be merry and stare deep down into more peoples eyes. Where we end up will be somewhat close to where we start, but not at the same place. The theme is Black and White, B&W or 0,0,0 + 255,255,255.


Find the Good,



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