#Tuck&Roll @Nov_Project (BOS).

After four of us put in 2+ hours of shoveling sections 37, 36, and 35 last night, and arrived early to add a full bag of salt to the fresh layer of new ice & snow this morning, we decided to keep it safe and send you all out to play in the field. But wait, first we need to nail down your YEARBOOK PHOTOS! For those of you who didn’t make it today… there is a chance that our good friend Alan Sherer will be able to add to this album that will surely act as an NP directory in the months/years to come. Like our #GrassrootsGear, YEARBOOK PHOTOS will only take place on Wednesdays. We’ll keep you posted if/when we’re going to do this again. For those of you who WERE snapped on today, look for the album to drop this Friday. You’ll get tagged and we’ll need you to stay tagged no matter how overly weird/rad you may look. We love you. Thanks.

FRIDAY will be a warmer morning and we will be back on Summit Ave for some weekend work. Come ready to rock. Wear your newest and most grassy gear.

#EasterHashHunt is our FREE Spring Race. It will take place at 11AM on Easter Sunday. For all details and RSVP click your little defrosted paw on this link right here.

BOSTON BIG UPS (potential new section):
All Boston members who brought gift paint today.
Joey & Steve for help with #GrassrootsGear creation.
Martica for flying in from SF for our workout. Welcome Home.
To those of you who are on track to earn your shoes from New Balance.

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15 Replies to “#Tuck&Roll @Nov_Project (BOS).”

  1. Same as Seth P-didn’t see a clipboard this morning, but had some fun tucking and rolling and crunching through the snow!

  2. I’ve noticed my peer has signed me in under a few different names—lol, just to clarify, Trish Reilly, Tricia Reilly Patricia Reilly and Patricia RILEY are the same person! Good fun this morning!

  3. Ditto – didn’t see a sign-in sheet! I won’t lie to you and tell you I tucked and rolled, but I did do section two 10 times before leaving to drop my car off at the dealer before work…and because of it, I was slightly more pleasant with them than I would/could/should have been.

  4. Realized I forgot to do this earlier (despite tom brennan reminding me about 5 times at work), but I was there for these snowy sprints/rolls/jumps. Didn’t see the sign up sheet. Got some sweet pics in the snow though!

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