TSA Line Sprints (BOS)

What happens when you give BG few hundred small American flags, cones, and put him on the top of Summit ave? The scene that looks more like a TSA line at the airport than the serious workout. But the looks can be deceiving.

To mix things up a bit this morning, the tribe was greeted with 4 running lanes spanning across the cross-country patch. Traffic pattern in each lane involved sprinting towards Brighton side of the park and jogging towards Brookline side. We threw in some frontal hills just for good measure, put 40 minutes on the clock, and realized that the TSA workout is a great way to earn your weekend.

Special shoutout to Grace and Micah for providing refreshments in front of their house hoping to keep everyone hydrated and cool. We really appreciate incredibly thoughtful gesture and we hope that you’ll be joining us for some Friday hills sprint soon.


If you’re racing this weekend, go fast! If you’re chilling on the beach, chill hard! Whatever you do make sure you’re having fun! On Monday we’re meeting at Nashua Street Park. See you there at 6:25AM! #WeekendEarned


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