Trying To Get Into This House? Pledging for New NP Cities Starts Now!

Since the early 2014 explosion of November Project cities, Bojan and I decided to turn off the overflow of great intentions and try and focus on the seventeen cities NP had grown into. Quantity isn’t always better than quality and we didn’t want to grow too much too soon. We took the months from the early summer until now to hold strong, build strength, and culture with the Co-Leader connections. The main event of the year, the November Project Summit, brought all leaders and tribe members from all over North America to the same place and it was amazing.

And here we are. Day 1 of 2015. Offcially, new cities are able to start their pledge process this next Wednesday all over the world. Exciting? You can say that again. We have been in contact with a few of you out there who will show off what you can do on your own for the next 8 Wednesdays before you’re welcomed into the November Project family and your city is officially on the map. Sadly, we’ve sent away many go-getters who just don’t have the schedule, the vibe, the athleticism, and the many other requirements to lead a November Project tribe – Never fun to tell someone they’re not the right person to lead.

For those of you who have taken the first step and reached out to contact us and are up to speed with all that we are looking for, we are excited to see your group photos on your personal social media platforms starting next Wednesday as you close your 6:30AM workouts (Along with the key “#NP_Pledge” adding into your message to the world). For those of you who are not up to speed but are interested, please check this out and we’ll hope to get your group going in no time.

Remember, we DO take ourselves seriously. We DO. But this is because we know that the final product, the final vibe, the value that increases in these cities that have November Project tribes is real. We DO know that a healthy city, a fired up community, and a more fun vibe before you start your day at work IS a better environment than one that is more neutral and normal.

Please click around on this page and pass what we’re doing off to the people in your life, all over the world, who may be the leaders of the next handful of cities we decide to let into the house. Happy New Year – 2015 is going to be amazing.

NOTE: Last year the “#NP_Pledge” floodgates were open for less than 10 weeks.

TRANSLATION: Don’t wait to start this process because it is winter (or any other silly excuse you may be thinking of).


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