#TRUSTFALLS @Nov_Project

Today’s session started with the usual scary ice warning, Happy Birthday sing along (Katie Deans), and our new/random tradition of having the “newbies” do trust falls into the crowd of November Project regulars. I don’t know about you, but nothing screams #grassroots, #communityLOVE, quite like trust falls into a group of icy strangers when the sun isn’t even up yet. Only at November Project.

Being the last WEDNESDAY of the month we decided to keep it simple and race the 37 section ‘tour’ of the Harvard Stadium in an attempt to post PR’s. Any and every NP member to post their fastest ‘tour’ is awarded a #PR_Pizza compliments of Stone Hearth Pizza only a few short blocks away from the stadium. The owners train with us, the ingredients are organic/local, and we STILL think we’re funny for awarding pizza to cut throat racers like your NP tribe.

FRIDAY: We’re with Officer Brother in Brookline running hills. As you know, we bring our iPods and strange ninja focus to this workout so that we don’t wake the neighbors in the Summit Ave area. I’ve been written one $100 citation and we’ve been about a month without a complaint.

MONDAY: #DestinationDeck… location coming soon. If you have not yet been to one of these workouts, get your ass there! Monday has become the new Friday… but way louder and far more fun.

WEDNESDAY: #FrogMan1 with 40, 30, 20, 10 scaling options.

Scores from this morning are coming later.

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  1. Thanks all who sang and kicked their old PR’s out the window! There’s no better way to start a Wednesday, a birthday, or any day than with all you crazy mo fo’s!

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