Trust The Thrust (NYC)

Our second #SummerFridays brought us much moisture, but we loved it because we are #weatherproof.  We had visitors (family) from 3 other tribes! The Tribe is strong.  We had 15 newbies today. The Tribe is strong.

We partnered up for this short workout. One partner went around the pier while the one go their plank on! Each triber did this 5 X’s. We felt the burn, we felt the pain, we felt the love!

Paulleak (our fearless and poorly pants fashioned co-leader) was out of town, but not out of our hearts and minds.  He was also was there in spirt and in real time since we had a huge picture of him printed. We used the picture for motivation and to soften the pain between our forearms and the cement during our planks.


Homework: #Justshowup next Wednesday for mug shot yearbook photos. #bringafriend.



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