Trust Fall – (DEN)

Because I’m a company man, I give you DENVER NOTES:

  • It’s Friday
  • We ran so many damn stairs at the convention center you would’ve thought we were a soccer mom on the stepper at 24 hour working off that mocha latte she had 3 days ago.
  • We pushed up, Spiderman planked, and Hoisteed in between sets of stairs.
  • Matthew and I conducted a hoistee tutorial which can be best described as the ass-out tango at your first high school dance.  

I’ll get straight to it – I’m a fan of metaphors and idioms.  I genuinely enjoy people’s looks of confusion when I speak “Midwestern.”  This morning when discussing proper hoistee form, our boy, Mike Alves, had the eureka moment of describing the hoistee as a partner squat with a trust fall.  Perfect.  More trust falls.  Damn the inevitable HR nightmare.

Humor me.  Merriam-Webster describes a trust fall as a group exercise in which a person deliberately allows themselves to fall, relying on other members of the group to catch them.  Enter metaphor.  I think you know where I’m going with this.  November Project is your weekly trust fall.  We #justshowup, begrudgingly (triple word score) at times, with the full understanding that the tribe will hold us up and keep us on our feet when we’d rather be warmly cuddling our significant other, dog, overweight cat, or teddy bear we may or may not have had since birth.  Dibs on little spoon!

We know it’s getting cold.  We know it’s darker than a well-digger’s ass, but we need you – like the deserts need the rain.  We need you to keep us warmer.  We need you to help us bounce higher and run faster, because spring PR’s are made in the dead of winter.  We need your positivity, because we can only give it to Chad so many times before people start asking questions and passive aggressively threatening his life for ownership of ‘Tivy.  So keep coming, or come back, because we need you.  We need you to help continue building this badass community of badass people.  So call ya friends, call ya wife, call ya kids, and ya husband too!  This thing doesn’t work without you.

~Majrow Woodrow

5:30 is open for business

WED: 5:30/6:15A Civic Center Park

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