Trolls Under a Bridge Shuttle

This morning started out warm, but ended icy cold. Seriously. The temperature was a balmy 27F as #NP_MSP tribe members left the warmth of their beds to #JustShowUp to the workout this morning. When the workout was said and done, the temp had dropped 11 degrees and the wind had picked bringing the windchill down below zero. Never fear though, MSP is weather proof!

As tribe members trickled in, a tight circle was formed that turned into a mob that then turned into a bounce. As the tribe bounced, tribe leader whispered (AND EVENTUALLY SHOUTED) “ya’ll feelin’ good?!” and the tribe responded “fuck yeah!” The tribe bounced right into the warm up and congregated at the bottom of the hill the weaves under the arches of the stone arch bridge. The workout was quickly explained to the tribe by leader Ben and then the tribe took off to tackle it. The workout consisted of shuttle-style running reps that brought tribe members first up and around the base of the first arch of the bridge, then up to burpee beach, and finally up to the very top of the hill to touch the Mill Ruins Park sign.  After reaching each destination, each tribe member would turn around and travel back down the hill, complete a workout, and then hurry back up the hill to reach the next farthest checkpoint. There were 3 workouts done at the bottom of the hill once a checkpoint was reached; push-ups were done after the first checkpoint around the base of the first arch, flying dutchmen were done after descending from reaching checkpoint 2 at burpee beach, and burpees were done after the 3rd and final checkpoint was reach and the descent was made. 30 minutes were on the clock for this workout and as the time ended, tribe members finished their last rep and then  went directly into a plank position that was held until everyone had completed the last set they were on.


Bearded Ben awarded tribe leader Ian as the new lumberjack for the week and Jeremy Reichenberger awarded Dana Johnson as the new positivity award winner this week.


After the workout, the tribe gave out especially affectionate hugs in lieu of Valentine’s Day and a group photo was taken. While this was happening, a little fairy came around and distributed Valentine-themed tootsie pops to the tribe along with Dr. Seuss and Charlie Brown paper Valentines. The tribe beats with one wildly huge heart here in MSP <3
Want some of this in your life? #JustShowUp next week.

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