Triple-Deck Jägerbombs

What do you do when it gets cold and dark, and winter comes down from the North?  Deeply ingrained in our evolutionary genes is the urge to roll over under your comforter, crinkling your package of Oreos snuggly against your chest.  There is, however, another option. This morning, dozens of people got up in the dark, ate their Oreos, and headed for downtown.

The entire concept of November Project is to keep getting out of bed, in the dark, all winter long, because you owe it to the people waiting for you.  Looking around this morning, I saw no one who was bummed about getting up and out in the cold to flog themselves on the banks of the Mississippi.  Rather, everyone was JAZZED.  November Project MSP has reached some critical mass of positivity that makes it impossible to start a workout grumpy.

There is no reason to wonder why Holly, fearless leader, had Jägermeister buckets, or to even wonder what a Jägermeister bucket is.  What is important is that she came with three decks of cards in one bucket, put it at the bottom of a big honking hill, and put an empty bucket at the top of the hill.  Today was a triple destination deck, destination: Top of the Hill.  Once the workout started, things got wonderful really quickly.

Ever wanted to know what a Donkey-kick looks like?  Here you go.
Ever wanted to know what a Donkey-kick looks like? Here you go.

Today’s Lumberjack award was past, mid-run, from Tim to Matt, who manfully took his donkey-kicks to the next level.  Minneapolis’s long-standing tradition of logging continues.


The positivity award was passed from Dana, one of our brightest students, battling her way through midterms on a strict diet of Burpees and Flying-Dutchmen to a woman who I shall simply describe as “The Grinder.”  Want to find out what that means, and what drives her?  Then JUST SHOW UP next Wednesday, and join us.  You can even have a cup of tea with us after.  Or coffee, if that’s your thing.  We don’t judge.


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