Trick-or-Treat (PHL)

This morning the Tribe welcomed Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, and a housemaid to name a few.  The cast of characters assembled at the bottom of Lemon Hill decked out in their Halloween finest.  Needless to say the early morning rowers did several double-takes before continuing to their respective boathouses.  While much of the Tribe is tapering for races this weekend, we got a solid turnout and everyone put in work.

The workout was simple and quasi-Halloween themed.  4 stations or “houses” existed along the full Lemon Hill loop.  Everyone ran the loop…at each house, people would stop  to “trick or treat” and do either squats, leg throws, ledge jumps or partner push-ups.  Those who had costumes ran in one direction, while those with less Halloween spirit ran the other allowing for groups to pass and admire each other.  If anyone arrived at a station alone they had to hold plank until another person joined them to do the assigned workout.  I don’t know if that made any sense, but I assure was fun.  Also, huge thank you to Nat and Julie who brought donut holes and posted up at one of the stations making for a very authentic trick-or-treat experience.

Jen passed the #HardHat to Megan Murphstein.  Congrats Meg — you are a constant force of positivity and support!

Best of luck to all our racers this weekend! #WeekendEarned

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