#tribetraverbal + Know Your Tribe (Amanda Breslow)

Over the last 7 months, Tara and Maggie have been crushing their goals. From November 8th, the first week of Westside Wednesdays, until April 25th when they officially became Tribe 45, they crushed every week.

24 weeks.

For 24 weeks, they showed up every Wednesday at Drake Stadium and made a positive impact on the community. Next Wednesday is the 4th of July, it also happens to be their 10th official workout since becoming tribe #45. In celebration of America’s birthday, and to support our sister tribe, the LAX tribe will be #traverbaling to Drake Stadium next Wednesday.  That’s right, THE WHOLE LAX TRIBE is heading over to Drake stadium to bounce and crush stairs with the West LA crew! 6:30 am we come together as one tribe for what is sure to be an epic morning. #justshowup

NPWLA Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/382162455609622/
Parking Information/Picture HERE

Now in this week’s rendition of meet your tribe, we have Amanda Breslow.  She’s got enthusiasm, energy, and so let’s jump right in:

  • First workout – March 2018
  • Angeleno or transplant – Transplant! Moved from Charleston, SC to here, but before that it was Chicago and I grew up in the Philly area.
  • Favorite workout – Anything team related!
  • Why do you keep showing up? – The tribe family is impossible to resist, plus I’ve noticed a big change in my attitude
  • Superpower – I’ve always wanted the ability to stop time, but if we’re talking actual superpower, it’s the ability to make a fool of myself and still somehow have friends 😅
  • Spirit animal – Corgi- they’re short, stout, and filled with anxiety
  • Occupation – Bartender, but pursuing a career as a writer/songwriter/composer
  • Any nicknames – my friends always call me Manda B
  • Ice cream flavor that represents your personality – Probably chocolate swirl almond-milk ice cream because your girl can’t process dairy
  • Proudest moment – when I completed Tough Mudder in 2015. It was the first time I ever pushed myself physically to a breaking point and crossed the finish line, and you bet your bottom dollar I cried when I did so.


Thursday: NP_LAX Mixer/Social at LazerKat Happy Hour ends at 8pm, and they have a light up dance floor!

FridayClover Park 6am! Sandlot Theme!

North Face Endurance Challenge CA: No more codes but the remaining relay spots do tend to sell out.  We’re working on a Google Doc but we recommend purchasing a team and building from there!  Stay tuned for more info.

NP SUMMIT  – September 15th-16th in Wisconsin. CHEESE.  See here for a handy dandy Google Excel Doc w/ more logistics.  Register right here! and give the code “NP20” a whirl.

Yearbook Photos – Yes, those photos.  They’ll be dropping tomorrow!  Get pumped.

Fun Fact: Cosmic latte: The average colour of the Universe is beige. The Universe may appear like a vast expanse of darkness but the average colour is actually beige, according to scientists. They studied the colour of light emitted by 200,000 galaxies to see what the final mix would be if the entire sky was smeared out.  Take that PSL!

Do Good LA. 

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