I went on vacation.  Ok, ok…it was a yoga retreat.  So I did a lot of yoga (so good), and a lot of other things like surfing, hiking, swimming in waterfalls, applying sunscreen, sweating and re-applying sunscreen, eating, and enjoying the other people on the retreat (all soooooo good).  And during that whole time, I was away from Boston and the winter, from work, from the hustle and bustle of regular life, from technology (except for a few moments), and from NP.  I met new people who are amazing, I discovered new things about myself (it was a retreat, after all), and I explored new experiences.  It was well worth my time and money to make that trip happen.

And I was so excited to come home and be with the tribe this morning.  I was bouncing in my seat on the airplane last night knowing I would get to bounce with all you #weatherproof badasses in the snowy, icy, mildly-treacherous stadium and then run some fucking stairs.  It put into perspective this little insight, which I hope to not lose sight of going forward: Showing up to NP workouts is a life-vacation.  Like people go on “vacation” to step away from the normal work and other obligations, sometimes by going away on an airplane to a far away place–or even by staying home.  The staycation is a far under-rated gem, IMHO.  And running stairs, howling, primal screaming, sprinting, and hugging with you all this morning was like a reminder how good it feels to step back from the thoughts, worries, responsibilities, etc. that exist outside of those 60 minutes at NP.  When I’m with the tribe, it’s like a vacation.

A cold, windy, dark & icy, sweaty vacation.  Yeah, I know it sounds super appealing, especially compared to the blissful warmth, sun, and ocean of my last 6 days.  But fuck yeah, a tribecation where, with my tribe doing incredibly free fitness shit, life is just good.  And we get three of them every single week.  Wait, you have a job?  Nah…I work a little, but mostly I just tribecation.

And by the way, you all were hungry for those stairs this morning.  I realize that there are some members in the big Boston tribe who know it’s getting really cold and the ice makes for some challenging spots on the stairs.  And some of you were even certain that we’d redirect the workout to the field instead of the stadium stairs so you opted for your beds.  But we were there, in the back country of sections 1-10, where we ran loops from 10 to 1, down the back stairs and underneath the sections back to 10.  And I watched the 5:30 group choose their steps carefully so they stayed upright and non-bloody, but they also stayed hungry.  As their eyes adjusted and there was just a little more light, they found one more stair at the bottom they could navigate safely.  They knew which sections they could go to the very top step and which ones were, in fact, glare ice and a death wish to step on.  They stayed hungry and fierce–and it was invigorating to see, and to be a part of.

530 group photo

And damn! at 6:30 when we actually had sunlight to point out the steps and spots that were free of ice, you all tore up those stairs.  You found every one you could climb and you ran the shit out of them.  This tribe does not step down from a challenge and we do not hold back just because it’s winter.  We take a freaking vacation from everything else, and dive the hell in.  You know, like surfing.  Just like surfing in Costa Rica.

630 group photo

The Tribe is Tribey.  The Tribe is good to come home to.  The Tribe is #weatherproof.  And fuck fuck fuck yeah (little reference to the 6:30 bounce), the Tribe is strong.


We also got buffs today–and if you have NOT picked up your buffs but HAVE paid for them, you can still get them from Ryan Komaiko on Friday.  If you ordered them and have NOT PAID for them, read this to learn what the buff to do about it.  If you’re confused if you ordered them, or if you paid already, or whether know what a buff is, here is the master google sheet of buff orders.  It’s updated as of this morning, so check your buff order/payment status here.


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