Tribe Instantly Falls Apart With Laura in Boston

In case there was any doubt where the real brains of the NPSF organization are coming from, today was confirmation. The second Laura heads east everything goes to shit. Ok, that’s a little hyperbolic, I was 10 minutes late, but that’s at least what went through my head when I woke up this morning and saw 6:26am on the clock. Luckily and unsurprisingly, Pete Kruse and Lillian Christina (pretty confident that’s her middle name, why does every girl do that on Facebook?) deputized themselves to lead. Pete even made sure the hugging levels were in compliance with corporate standards, revealing once and for all that yes, anyone can do this job. JKLOL Pete, thanks for stepping up. When I DID arrive, Divis kicked my ass, but provided some exceptional views. I’m still working through my 100 burpee punishment. Happy Friday everyone, and GOOD LUCK to our Boston Marathon runners!



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